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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Oligarchas, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. Oligarchas

    Oligarchas Member

    Oct 28, 2017
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    No template for this. If u have anything u want to add something or see any mistakes leave it in the comments I'll update the post.
    • There should be a command like /start or something for the new players that join the server and don't know what to do at the start.
    • /rules doesn't work.
    • /mail (LagClear wanted it for when u win Vote Wars) doesn't work.
    • /cop and /swat can be really abused in many ways.
    • /repair /fix /fix hand have 24 hour delay. Delay should be decreased to 6 or atleast 12 hours.
    • People with Kingpin rank have /fix hand which has no 24 hour delay and you can repair armour non-stop.
    • /kit time for lockboxes should be decreased from 30 days to 14.
    • /ah - unlimited storage. You can store unlimited amount of items there. You can store basically anything as long as the item is not damaged.
    • /ah should have a price that you have to pay in order to put something on auction. Lets say you want to /ah sell item for 100k, you have to pay additional 10% of that to put in on sale. This would reduce ridiculous and useless items such as heads being sold on auction.
    • /gang should have more commands. There is gang chat (/gc), but why dont we have permissions to use ally chat (/ac)?
    • Remove delay between commands and text. Gets really annoying.
    • /withdraw - a command that lets you withdraw money from your balance. Instead of buying bricks, you could buy a piece of paper worth 700k for example. Then you can use that paper when trading and sell it to the banker.
    • /bounty
    NPC (Non Player Character)
    • New NPC which repairs your armour for a price.
    • New NPC which sells and buys gems.
    • New NPC to trade (more about it in Events section).
    • Bar Gamble NPC doesn't work.
    Events and prizes
    • More events - Parkour, Maze, PvP, Hide'n'Seek, Vote Wars, Cop 1v1, Cop FFAs, (no DPs)
    • Weekly events.
    • Make Forums and Discord more active by doing events and quizzes from time to time.
    • Also I thought of Top Killer and Top Looter of the week/month.
    • Top Killer - person with the most kills at the end of the week/month.
    • Top Looter - this one is a bit tricky but imo it would really help. Let's say u add a new item in the game, a golden ingot or whatver that you can find in the chests. When you find it, u exchange it for 1 point with NPC. Player with the most points at the end of the week/month wins as a Top Looter. This would solve the 'I'm alone in the server there's nothing to do' problem.
    • Maybe a Top Cop aswell.
    • If you /visit someone and move your head just a bit, teleportation gets instantly cancelled.
    • If you /visit someone who doesn't have a home, it will still say 'Warming up...5s' but after 5 secs it will say 'The player dosen't have a home' (Yes there's a typo 'dosen't')
    • If you own the house, you can't open or break specific blocks for example doors, trapdoors, beacons but a person who is added to your house and has building permissions, can open and break those blocks.
    Bugs and glitches
    • If you get 2 blocks and you spam click them under you, you can jump over a 2 block high wall.
    • Sometimes when you are in the /trade and u put items there, and the person declines the trade, your items 'disappear' from your inventory. You have to spam inventory slots until they appear again.
    • Boss Shop, Gem Store, Agent, Drug Shop, Coin Shop prices need to be decreased and have more items in them.
    • New shop that buys ammo, armour, player heads and other current unsellable stuff.
    • Gun shop should have buy prices reduced and sell prices on Tier 4 guns increased to 500 or 1000.
    • U can sell Boss guns to the guns store for $10 and $20.
    • AWM in the gun store is combined with mp-9 for some reason.
    • Make rare items in chests more common and release the percentage of finding them.
    • Add more guns and cars.
    • The render distance on players should be increased.
    • Increase cash dropped when you kill Thugs, Cops and other mobs.
    • Better anti-cheat, anti-macro, anti-fly, anti-killaura, anti-bhop.
    • Also I dont know how wanted stars work for example a guy can have over 500 killstreak but when you kill him u get like $1000 because he had 2 wanted stars or something. Prize on killing people with high killstreak should be really high.
    • Global/rank crate says you get at least 2 items but u always only get 1.
    • Make all mobs or just particular ones drop XP when killed.
    • Glitch with Attack Dog. Randomly more dogs appear.
    • On the weekends, increase the chance of finding rare items.
    • Add quests or air drops.
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  2. iDrinkClorox_

    iDrinkClorox_ New Member

    Oct 31, 2017
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    great suggestions, i hope they fix the chests in the level 6 house cause i want my god sets and extended mags -_-,
    anyways this pretty much covers a lot of crucial gaps as well as some small issues causing mild problems like the level 6 house etc. these problems really should be fixed as soon as possible for the sake of new and old players enjoyment,
    i find it great you took the time to make these suggestions/fixes for all of the mcgta community,
    kind regards,
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  3. Jgibby12

    Jgibby12 Helper
    Staff Member Helper

    Sep 20, 2017
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    I think most of these are great ideas! But the main thing I want ATM is for the revamp to hurry up so we can have players. These suggestions are great but there isnt much point if there isnt even people on the server. I have been told the revamp is soon for like 3 months now and would really appreciate it if it was actually "soon"
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